General Studies Paper 1 Model Question Paper (GS1)- UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam

General Studies Paper 2 Model Question Paper (GS2)

Download General Studies 1 Model Question Paper (GS1) for UPSC Civil Services Exam. We included questions which have high chances to come in UPSC Mains 2018. Use the Print PDF option given on the bottom.

Instructions for General Studies 1 Model Question Paper (Maximum Marks: 250. Time Allowed: Three Hours)

  1. A total of TWENTY questions printed both in HINDI and in ENGLISH.
  2. Answers must be written in the medium authorized in the Hall Ticket which must be stated clearly on the front page of Booklet in the space provided.
  3. No marks will be given for answers written in a medium other than the selected medium.
  4. Answers to questions no. 1 to 10 should be in the maximum limit of 150 words, whereas answers to questions no. 11 to 20 should be in the purview of  250 words.
  5. Answer the questions by keeping the word limit allowed.

All questions are compulsory in nature.

General Studies 1 Model Questions

Qn1. Discuss the contribution of India to war efforts during world war 1?

Qn 2. How far do you agree that the behaviour of the Indian monsoon has been changing due to humanizing landscapes? Comment.

Qn 3. Explain the factors that influence the formation, onset, and intensity of south-west monsoons?

Qn 4. Why did the Central powers lose the first world war? Discuss.

Qn 5. Explain the origin of the two major islands of India and highlight their salient features?

Qn 6. Deporting all illegal migrants from India is not a feasible and recommended solution. Comment.

Qn 7. Democracy in this world has come in waves. Explain this statement while also discussing the status of democracy in South Asia?

Qn 8. Discuss the difference between tropical cyclones and non-tropical cyclones.

Qn 9. The Utilitarian interpretation of Indian Civilization by the British has resulted in distortion of Indian history, the effects of which can be still felt today. Comment.

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Qn 10. The status of the elderly in India has transformed a lot from the era gone by, in part because the society is in the throes of turbulent change. Examine and discuss the role played by Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act.


Qn 11. Discuss the contribution of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in the emergence of Bengal renaissance and Indian nationalism.

Qn 12. Evaluate whether gender bias is all pervasive in Indian societies. Discuss how we are dealing with correcting these biases?

Qn 13. After getting independence from the colonial powers African countries suffered from several shared problems. Discuss.

Qn 14. There are a lot of similarities, as well as significant differences between the Hindustani and the Carnatic music? Discuss.

Qn 15. The dark ages in ancient India, spanning from the fall of Mauryan empire to the rise of the Gupta empire, was a period of significant socio-cultural transformation. Discuss.

Qn 16. Analyze the trends and patterns of internal migration in India. Discuss the factors responsible for internal migration in India.

Qn 17. An asset for India’s early effort at progress, starting in 1947, was the personal caliber of her leaders who played a great role in achieving the objectives set by the freedom struggle. Comment.

Qn 18. The Rajput style of architecture and paintings assimilated the regional influences but at the same time maintained their individuality, through the course of time. Comment.

Qn 19. Great in Aluminium sector is critical for India’s vision of achieving 25% of GDP from manufacturing by 2022. In this context, examine the need for a national Aluminium policy?

Qn 20. Fall of the communism in Eastern Europe led to surfacing of a new range of problems in the world. Discuss.

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