IAS Books for Prelims 2019 : a list of standard books

Book selection is vital for any competitive examination including UPSC Civil Service Exam. Many of them are searching on dark light which is the best book ,what to read and what not to read. Moreover, finding important book is also determines success in IAS Exam. We did a lot of research and took suggestion from toppers for making a standard list of IAS Books for Prelims. The book list given here is exclusive list of UPSC Books for Prelims. We recommend to collect complete list of Books for IAS Preparation and start reading from now on wards to focus on UPSC Prelims Exam 2019.IAS Books for Prelims

IAS Books for Prelims – Geography

1.Certificate of Physical and human geography by G C Leong is a must book for IAS Books prelims and mains for Physical part of Geography. Moreover, It effectively covers most topics from physical world geography which are asked in the prelims!

2.Geography of India by Masjid Hussain– A very comprehensive book for UPSC and other competitive exams.A must have book if you want to understand the geography of India from root to tip. It details topics in a way that you get the complete understanding by updated info and maps.

3.Oxford School Atlas : It is indispensable atlas for understanding basics of Indian Geography as well as World Geography. Must Book for IAS Exam.

Update :For Geography NCERT books are very much recommendable for UPSC Exam.If u have sufficient time then read NCERTS of Classes 6 to 12.

IAS Books for Prelims –  Environment.

1..Environment by Shankar IAS– Must read book for upsc aspirants as many questions are being asked on environment. But you has to keep in touch with environmental current affairs from THE HINDU. UPSC giving lot of attention is given to environmental issues now a days.

For basic reading , Environment part of Class 11& 12 are suggested.

IAS Books for Prelims – Economics.

1.Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh : it is a must read book. This covers almost all aspects of economy. It will be useful for prelims. Read from the latest edition [7th edition].Apart from it will be helpful for mains also.

2. Economic survey :An analytical and descriptive account of the present economic challenges and opportunities the country is witnessing. it is highly advantageous for both prelims and mains point of view.

IAS Books for Prelims – History.

1.India’s struggle for independence by Bipan Chandra : which is a very good book for modern part. Even though, this book is little bit fatty and time consuming but it will give you broad knowledge about the topic. This book can read like a novel, explains holistically each and every happenings of freedom struggle period.

2.India’s Ancient Past- RS Sharma– Authoritive book on ancient history of India It’s definitely one of the best books in the market about ancient history of India. The writer is reputed and tries to put a holistic view about the subject.

3.History of Medieval India – Sathish Chandra -Though, UPSC focuses more on Modern History the most, but for a clear understanding of Medieval Era, this is the best book to read. Furthermore,  A few Questions is also can expect from this part.

 IAS Books for Prelims – Art and Culture Part.

1.Indian art and culture by Nitin Singhania. – Generally speaking about culture part of IAS Exam, the best book is Indian Art and Culture. Additionally, Its a resource material you just cannot avoid for Civil Service Exam. Besides these, this book is illustrated with pictures, reading and studying from this book itself is a wonderful learning experience in itself.
2.The Wonder that was India – AL Bhasham : Comprehensive book on glorious history of India. In addition to this, the book has deep information about the ancient culture from India. Apart from this it is a classic one on the subject.
Tip : If u don’t want to read Ancient culture of India from scratch then go for AL Bashams Book. If u have time shortage then Nitin Singhania’s book serves the need.


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IAS Books for Prelims – Indian Polity

1.Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations – M. Laxmikanth–  In fact, there is no question arising the base book for polity, it is none other than Laxmikant. Start reading from any of the interesting topics, for instance, if you find interesting to study The Panchayat Raj, start reading from there. It would be beneficial for you if you prepare notes along with reading itself.

IAS Books for Prelims – Science and Technology

Science and Technology in India – TMH.- This is really good book not only for basic preparation of Science and Technology part for UPSC preparation but also who want to learn something extra. Although, it comprises of fine information on every topic, however the book is not updated.
Tips : Science & Tech part of Hindu newspaper will give u up to date information about the subject which is very relevant for UPSC exam.

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IAS Books for Prelims : Current Affairs

 1.India Year Book – This book is very helpful to understand the government schemes and plans on various fields ( contents index is provided in the images), which can be very helpful for exams like UPSC for both prelims and mains point of view.

2.Manorama Yearbook– For Current Affairs part ,reading Manorama year book along with Hindu newspaper is advisable.Manorama Year Book 2018

Tips: For UPSC exam preparation,exhaustive reading of newspapers especially The Hindu is must. Reading current affairs from PIB on daily basis also recommendable.

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IAS Books for Prelims :CSAT Paper -2

By and large, CSAT paper is not consider to pass prelims from 2015 on wards. But need to secure a minimum of 33% of 200 marks, that is 66 marks. Although, the relevance of  paper 2 has come down still it is important to clear prelims.

  1. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning– RS.Aggarwal -CSAT Paper 2: Reasoning
  2. CSAT Manual by TMH or CSAT-II – Arihant CSAT – Paper 2
  3. Analytical Reasoning – MK Pandey CSAT – Paper 2: Analytical Reasoning


IAS Books for Prelims and Mains in the Hindi Language

As many of the books given in the English Language, corresponding books in the Hindi language are available in the book market. Also Hindi medium students can check the link UPSC IAS Books in the Hindi Language to buy from Amazon at a lower price.

Books for Other Competitive Exams

Links of UPSC Books at online Stores

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Free Resources For  IAS Exam

  1. Yojana Magazine Download.
  2. Download Kurukshetra Magazine
  3. Pratiyogita Darpan issue
  4. Download IGNOU Books 
  5. NCERT Books Download
  6. Buy NCERT Books Online

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