How to read and Download Yojana Magazine for IAS Exam?

Yojana Magazine

The Yojana magazine is one of the important magazines from UPSC  IAS Exam perspective.If a candidate can download  Yojana for free then it would be a great help for the needy aspirants. Questions are triggered from Yojana magazine for both prelims and mains. Although it contains too much information, aspirants do not need to go through each and every line along with other standard IAS Books. There are certain myths and facts related to reading this magazine.

Overview of Yojana magazine

  • 12 magazines published in a year on monthly basis. Prelims go through from July to July and for mains read from November to November.
  • Yojana Magazine can be downloaded from, absolutely free of cost.
  • Published by the government of India, so that credibility and authenticity is high.
  • Articles are written by highly expert scholars, P.hd students, ministers and bureaucrats.
  • It has a balanced political view on every issue.
  • Articles are addressed in a way that optimism and pessimism with constructive criticism followed by the reddressal mechanism. This approach is obvious for mains answers.
  • It is available in all Indian languages.

Download Yojana Magazines  2013

  1. January – Good Governance 
  2. February – Direct Benefit Transfer
  3. March – Union Budget
  4. April – Disability
  5. May – Social Media
  6. June – Environment and sustainable energy
  7. July – Public service Broadcasting
  8. August – Inclusive democracy
  9. September – Education for all 
  10. October – Growth,Employment and poverty
  11. November –Land and Natural resources 
  12. December  – Right to Food

Download Yojana Magazines  2014

  1. January – Tribal and Marginalized Communities
  2. February –Public Health
  3. March –Administrative Reforms
  4. April – Indian Economy Performance ,challenges and prospects
  5. May – Energy security
  6. June – Indian Agriculture
  7. July – Democracy and electoral reforms
  8. August – Union budget
  9. September – Urban Planning
  10. October –Informal Sector
  11. November –Technology,Innovation and Knowledge economy
  12. December –FDI and International Trade

Download Yojana Magazines  2015

  1. January-Sanitation, Development and social change
  2. February-Federalism and Indian Polity
  3. March-Union Budget 2015
  4. April-Manufacturing Sector
  5. May- Tourism
  6. June- Alternative Medicine
  7. July- International relations a new Vistas .
  8. August- Inclusive Growth and social change
  9. September – Smart cities Transforming urban landscape
  10. October- skill development : scaling new heights
  11. November- Transport
  12. December- Climate change and sustainability

Download Yojana Magazines 2016

Download Yojana Magazines 2017

Note : Yojana Magazine Free  PDF Version will be available only after 4 months.This page is updating  immediately when it is available.

 Yojana & Kurukshetra Magazine Regional Languages archive 2016.

Yojana Magazine Regional Languages archive 2015.

Tips to read Yojana Magazine

You have to quote, requote, phrase, rephrase the articles. Certain articles need a through reading while others need to skim read.

From 2016, articles relating to education, health, developments, natural resources, energy, women empowerment, tax reforms and science and technology are extremely important. You should go through these articles thoroughly. On the other hand, articles like textiles can be omitted. Union budget needs to be skim read.

From 2017 issue, except union budget rest everything is essential .

Select five or six articles and then follow DBFAC pattern

  • Define [D]: define the theme
  • Basics [B] : Basics of the theme
  • Facts [F]: Facts relating to the article
  • Arguments [A] : review both sides argument
  • Constructive criticism [C] : constructive criticism and redressal mechanism .

Articles to be omitted includes any personal achievements, any local area where technology is first tried , non communicable diseases .

Only tip for scoring high marks include read again and again .


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