List of Useful Websites for IAS Preparation

Websites for IAS Preparation

The best list of Useful Websites for IAS Online Preparation plays a vital role in guidance, online study materials, and approach for the toughest exam in India.

Actually, the Internet is a basket of knowledge and resources. However, the selection of relevant IAS websites is a nightmare for aspirants. Because the UPSC preparation niche was flooded with a lot of online materials. Consequently, we did an online survey and internal research to find the list of useful websites for IAS Preparation.

Useful Websites for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

  1. IASSolution.com
  2. iasexamsolutions.com
  3. insightsonidia.com
  4. Mrunal.org
  5. Byjus.com
  6. iasscore.in
  7. unacademy.com
  8. civilsdaily.com
  9. gktoday.in
  10. Afeias.com
  11. pmfias.com
  12. iaspassion.com
  13. jagranjosh.com
  14. Civilserviceindia.com
  15. DheyaIAS.com
  16. IASToday.in
  17. IASBaba.com
  18. ClearIAS.com
  19. iasparliament.com
  20. DrishtiIAS.com
  21. neostencil.com
  22. StudyIQ.com
  23. IASCracker.com
  24. Shiksha.com
  25. Rauias.com

Following more than 5 websites is much difficult and time-consuming. Although we were given a list of 25 useful websites for IAS Preparation, we suggest you follow 3 to 4 websites only.

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List of Useful Government Websites for IAS Preparation

Above all, aspirants are advised to go through relevant government and NGO websites which is very useful for IAS preparation. Sometimes, UPSC asked many direct questions from government websites for IAS Prelims as well as Mains. Also, refer to websites of United Nations different agencies such as WHO, IMO, World Bank, etc.

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  1. mea.gov.in – Ministry of External Affairs.
  2. indiabudget.nic.in – Download Budget and Economic Survey.
  3. pib.nic.in – Press Information Bureau Website, for government updates.
  4. ncert.nic.in – Download NCERT Texts as PDF.
  5. nios.ac.in – Download NIOS Online Materials.
  6. egyankosh.ac.in – Download IGNOU Books.
  7. yojana.gov.in – Download Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines.
  8. upsc.gov.in – Official Website of UPSC. You can find the notification, application system, etc.
  9. prsindia.org – PRS Website for tracking bills in Parliament.
  10. idsa.in – IDSA  for Defense and Foreign relations.
  11. gatewayhouse.in – Indian Council for Global relations.
  12. envfor.nic.in – Ministry of Environment and Forests.
  13. ptinews.com – Press Trust of India.
  14. pdgroup.upkar.in – Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine.
  15. ibef.org – India Brand Equity Foundation for economy and business.
  16. vikaspedia.in – Knowledge initiative by In DG.
  17. makeinindia.com – Make in India initiative for manufacturing-related info.
  18. newsonair.com – News discussion for Current Events of National Importance
  19. rstv.com

IAS Forum Websites

  1. forumias.com
  2. indianofficer.com
  3. upscdiscussions.com

IAS Toppers Blogs

  1. https://anudeepdurishetty.in/
  2. lohitmatani.wordpress.com
  3. iasdream.com
  4. jhinujha.wordpress.com
  5. thesupermanreturns.wordpress.com
  6. unravellingcse.wordpress.com

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Useful Magazine Websites for IAS Preparation

  1. Frontline.in.  – For in-depth Current Affairs analysis.
  2. Economic and Political weekly (epw.in ).  – For economic and society related topics for analysis.
  3. Downtoearth.org –  For the latest news, opinion, and blogs on the environment and science from India and Asia.
  4. PratiyogitaDarpan.in – For exam oriented current affairs, solved papers, toppers interview, etc.
  5. Worldaffairsjournal.org –  For a detailed analysis of current happenings of the world.
  6. Yojana.gov.in – For socioeconomic analysis of current trends in society.

Readers too also suggest a list of useful websites for IAS preparation. Also, we will try to include useful and updated websites on this list as per relevancy and standard.

Tips: Last but the least, following all these useful websites for IAS preparation is impractical. Apart from 3 to 4 quality websites, follow and make a selection list for every aspect of current affairs, geography, law, etc.

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