UPSC Age Limit – Will they change it?

Every year UPSC is conducting Civil Service examination to select appropriate candidates for various administrative services. UPSC has set age limits for candidates according to different categories. Over the years the upsc age limit was changed accordingly for each category. Recently Baswan committee submitted its suggestion to reduce upper age limit for candidates appearing for IAS examination. However, the Baswan committee’s recommendations are yet to be made public.UPSC Age Limit

Lower Age limit

For all categories, the lower age limit for appearing UPSC examination is 21 years. Age limit is calculated according to august 1. For example, if a candidate is appearing for 2018 prelims, he/she should have attained 21 years on august 1, 2018.

Upper Age limit

The upper age limit varies from category to category. For many years, upsc age limit was 30 for general category candidates, 33 years for OBCs and 35 years for SC and ST candidates. This upsc age limit for IAS examination was increased in 2014 by the then UPA government.

Currently, the UPSC  age limit for general category candidates is 32 years and 35 and 37 years respectively for OBC and SC&ST candidates. The upper age relaxation was done along with an increased number of attempts. Age relaxation was done by the then UPA government due to an uproar over General Studies Paper 2.

CategoryUpper Age limit
Citizens of Jammu and Kashmir37
Defense personnel disabled in operations during hostilities with foreign countries or disturbed area35
Ex servicemen37
Physically handicapped / disabled42

Cumulative Age relaxation

Apart from mentioned upsc age limits for SC/ST and OBC candidates will get cumulative age relaxation. In other words, age limits added in special cases. For example, if a person is OBC and ex service man, he will get 5+7= 12 years of relaxation. Hence, his upper age limit will be 42 years.

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Baswan Committee recommendations- UPSC Age Limit

The Baswan committee has recently submitted its recommendations regarding changes in IAS exams. The significant recommendation among these is to reduce the upper age limit of the candidates. Although, the recommendations are yet to be published, its heard from the sources that the upper age limit will be fixed at 26 years for general category.

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It is expected that the government will implement the recommendations only after extending a significant window to the existing candidates. As a matter of fact, we expect upper age limit will not change for existing candidates at least for Civil Service 2018 Exam.


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