How to read ‘The Hindu’ Newspaper for IAS Exam ?

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Daily reading of newspapers has a decisive role in tackling UPSC examinations. Apart from various local and national dailies available in India, THE HINDU is the choice for IAS aspirants. It is the most preferred newspaper for UPSC aspirants  due to its high standards. Apart from standard ias books,most of the questions are triggered from this daily national. This news paper is encompassed with 15 pages on average along with supplements. Aspirants find it as quite cumbersome task to cover this newspaper daily and coordinate with the upsc syllabus. Interestingly, it is not necessary to read in depth each and everything perhaps we can skip and skim different news.Hindu-6th April

How to read The Hindu for UPSC exam ?

It is critically important that you should know the syllabus before you start your reading. First of all correlate your syllabus with the various articles in the news paper. However, spending too much time in reading news paper cannot be encouraged . Because of the fact that aspirants have a lot to cover apart from the news paper . It is advisable to spent around  60 to 75 minutes on an average everyday for reading ‘The Hindu’. Once you became familiar with the syllabus , start to prepare notes while reading itself.

Steps to complete reading in an hour

Page 1: This page consists of main news so just skim these news to get an awareness regarding the various happenings. Don’t spent too much time in reading this page.

Page 2-6: It is advisable to skip these pages because the news in these are not important from UPSC point of view. Second and third page consists of regional news where as fourth to sixth pages includes state news .

Page 7: This is important page as it covers national news. Furthermore, give more importance to this page as it deals with supreme court verdicts, parliamentary debates various government orders and bills.

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This can be considered as the backbone of the news paper reading for a civil service aspirant. It is the editorial page and spent maximum time in reading two editorials on the left side followed by lead article.  This will give an overview of the current issues .Although, include letters to the editor as this enable you to view an issue from a different perspective.. But be careful not to get biased with various views and opinions. the Hindu

Page 9: This is otherwise known as perspective page or OP-EN page. In this  page,  an author, who is not associated with the editorial board expresses his views in relation to current issues. Go through this page to get an overview of current issues in a different manner.

Page 10-11: There is no need to go in depth as these pages contains general news like political news and issues. However, read superficially to have an idea regarding various happenings .

Page 12:World page consists of matters relating to international relationships .So give more importance to it.

Page 13-14 :Business page, spent some time on this page because it  deals with fiscal and monetary policy . Emphasize on articles pertaining to socioeconomic issues in relation to women ,children,health etc.

Page 15 : Sports  is not obvious for civil service preparation .

Do not ignore Science and Technology edition on Thursday’s news paper. It consists of recent developments in field of science and many questions can be asked from here .

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Give more importance to these:

  •  Supreme court and high court  verdicts .
  •  Current issues .
  •  Government policies and orders .

 Ignore these:

  •  Political news
  • Sports news, awards
  • Local news
  • Film news, interviews of celebrities etc

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Focusing on the issues rather than reading word by word as well as spending adequate time in reading news paper helps an aspirant to tackle the dream of IAS . Apart from The Hindu students can read other news papers , magazines,India year Book and internet surfing etc to enhance knowledge and current affair issues .

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