Salary of an IAS Officer after 7th Pay Commission

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The Indian Administrative Service is a dream job of every Indian. It is one of the prestigious jobs. In India, people ignore government jobs due to reduced salary. But the fact is different when it comes to IAS officer. However, rather than high income , this job offers an opportunity to serve the people of the nation.

Salary of an IAS Officer as per 7th pay commission recommendation

The seventh pay commission recommended a hike of 14.27% in basic pay. Annual increment rate retained at 3%.

The basic pay of all Civil Servants (Group A) are the same (Pay Level 10).

On 29th June 2016 7th Pay Commission recommendations are approved by Cabinet . Now the basic salary of junior level IAS officers is Rs. 56100. Allowances like House Rent Allowance (HRA) and Travel Allowance (TA) cannot be claimed since IAS officers  provided with Government Accommodation and vehicle . The pay will increase by getting increment year after year. The basic salary of Cabinet Secretary is fixed at Rs.2,50,000.

Total Salary

The above-mentioned figures are basic salaries. You may also be entitled to HRA, DA and TA.

Dearness Allowance would start from 0% after the recommendation 7th pay commission . Dearness Allowance is directly linked to inflation. In total salary DA portion is more than half of the total salary because some time DA touches 100% of Salary.For instance Dearness Allowance  touched 107% of Basic pay of government employees in 2016 . Dearness Allowance  is revising two times every year.First revision in January and Second revision is on July

You will also entitled to get  Travel Allowance (TA) to spare for  various expenses related to travel.

After the Implementation of 7th pay Commission the grade pay system is removed which is a part of 6th pay commission recommendation.

Thus, it can be clear  that the total salary of entry level IAS officers would be Rs 56100 + DA only because  House Rent Allowance (HRA) and Travel Allowance (TA) cannot be claimed since IAS officers  provided with Government Accommodation and vehicle .

The structure and goes up to Pay Level 18.

IAS officer’s salary structure: Based on 7th Pay Commission RecommendationsSalary of an IAS Officer

A new Pay Matrix system is introduced by the 7th pay commission, which consist as many as 18 horizontal levels to take care of fixation of pay or Promotion. The vertical range for each of these 18 levels is meant for fixation of pay by providing annual increment.

7th Pay Commission has done away with the Pay Band – Grade Pay System (the first two rows shown in orange colour) which existed before. The previous pay bands are shown for comparison purpose only. The new Pay Levels are highlighted row-wise (1-18) from left to right in the above table. Within the same column, if you go downward, the pay for the next years are mentioned.

  •  IAS officers are normally promoted every 4-5 years.
  • The IAS officers get two extra-increment (6%) when they are Level 11, 12 and 13.
  • After the level 14 salaries of all officers are same.

Pay Level for each rank

The Pay Levels for each rank are as following:

  • Level 10: (1-4yrs) ASP/SDM/ Asst. Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 11: (5-8 yrs) SP/DM/Deputy Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 12: (9-12 yrs) SSP/DM (DS in GOS)/Joint Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 13: ( 13-16 yrs) SSP/DM (Director in Government of India)/Additional Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 13A: (14th yr) DIG (No parallel Scale in IAS or IRS)
  • Level 14: (16-24 yrs) IG/Commissioner (IAS/IRS)/JS in GOI
  • Level 15: ( 25-30 yrs) ADG/Additional Secretary in GOI/Principal Secretary in State/ Principal Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 16: (30-33 yrs) Additional Chief Secretary /DG/Chief Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 17: (34-36 yrs) Chief Secretary/DG/Secretary of GOI/ Principal Chief Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 18: (37+ yrs) Cabinet Secretary to Government of India

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HRA and Transport Allowance for Central Government Employees as recommended by 7th Pay Commission

HRA @ 24 percent , 16 , percent and 8 percent  has been proposed for X, Y and Z class cities respectively. 7th Pay Commission has also recommended for enhancement of HRA while DA crosses 50% and 100%. As far as Transport Allowance is concerned, there is no increase. DA @ 125% has been merged with existing Transport Allowance.
7th Pay Commission discontinued  with the Pay Band – Grade Pay System which existed before.

Scales of IAS officers

  1. Junior Scales (0-4 years)
  2. Senior Scales (4-9 years)
  3. Senior Time scale (4 years+)
  4. Junior Administrative grade (9 years+)
  5. Selection Grade (13 years+)
  6. Super Times Scale(16 year+)
  7. Above Super Time Scale(25 years+)

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Salary Scale as per 6th Pay Commission

IAS salary structure contains of various Pay Scales: Junior Scale, Senior Scales, Super Time Scale, Above Super Time Scales etc. Each of the pay scale includes of different pay bands.

  1. Junior Scale: Pay Band: Rs 15600-39100 plus Grade Pay Rs 5400
  2. Senior Time Scale: Pay Band: Rs 15600-39100 plus Grade Pay Rs 6600
  3. Junior Administrative Grade: Pay Band: Rs 15600-39100 plus Grade Pay Rs 7600
  4. Selection Grade: Pay Band: Rs 37400-67000 plus Grade Pay Rs 8700
  5. Super Time Scale: Pay Band: Rs 37400-67000 plus Grade Pay Rs 10000
  6. Above Super Time Scale
  • Rs 37400-67000. Plus Grade Pay of Rs 12000.
  • The Apex Pay Scale of Rs 80000 (fixed). No Grade Pay.
  • Cabinet Secretary Grade of Rs 90000 (fixed). No Grade Pay.

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