UPSC Prelims Online Test Series to crack Prelims 2019!

UPSC Prelims Online Test here comes with  UPSC Prelims Online test Series to crack IAS Prelims 2019. This is a step by step approach to crack UPSC prelims. It is structured with subject wise questions as well as full- length mock tests in accordance with UPSC standards. You can register with and attend two mini mock tests to analyze our test series quality and familiarize with online test series platform. Aspirants can either enroll for individual tests or complete test series.
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♠♠ Crack IAS with IAS Solution Online Test Series ♠♠

Features of IASSoultion UPSC Prelims Online Test Series

  • IASSolution UPSC Prelims Test series is designed in a way that gives you the actual feeling of UPSC preliminary exams. 30 full-length tests integrated with static and current areas guide aspirants to right path thereby preparing you for the real exams. 
  • Our detailed explanation for each question makes us unique. At the end of each question in the knowledge zone detailed explanations are provided, hence candidates can identify the areas where they went wrong.
  • Online mock test series are designed in accordance to your convenience. Everything is made simple and you can attend tests whenever you desire. Further, candidates can either attend complete prelims mock tests package or separate tests.
  • Performance overview is an area where you can analyze your performance. Here you can find detailed analyses of your marks.
  • In accordance with the marks secured during each test, all India rank list is published, it helps to assess your level of preparation as well as preparedness to compete along with other aspirants across the country.
  • Online mock test series covers entire syllabus for UPSC prelims. Questions are selected from authentic resources and cover each and every area of the syllabus. Our tests series is based on NCERT and other primary books that is highly recommended for UPSC. We guarantee you that after attempting one or two mock tests you will really fall in love with NCERT books.
  • Test series package is cost effective and now candidates can access it even at a lower price of Rs 2999 only. The offer is valid only for a limited period.

Is it important to attend mock tests before the actual exam?

There is a Chinese saying reflecting the importance of learning by doing.

If I see it I can remember only 25%.If I hear it I can remember only 50%.If I do it I can remember 100%.

Therefore, it is highly essential to attend mock tests before actual exams so that you can enhance your skills and approach towards questions. Furthermore, if you review the interviews of UPSC toppers they all attended mock tests before exams.

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Tips for scoring more than 125 in GS Paper 1

Simply joining the online platform for mock tests will do not help. You should make use of each test and identify your weak and strong areas. After giving the test go through the knowledge zone in detail. This will help you to explore and learn related topics also. Our complex questions aid to boost your confidence levels hence you will be prepared to face any question during the real preliminary examination.


We accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, and net banking. Once you made your payment successfully, the page will be automatically redirected to particular tests and you can attend the mock tests according to your convenience.

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