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Reading NCERT Books is essential to get a basic understanding of any particular subject. Moreover many times UPSC picked the same sentence from NCERT Books to frame Prelims Question Paper. So the importance of NCERT Books for IAS Exam Preparation is unavoidable.

It is evident that some books for prelims are useful for mains. In addition to prelims books, you should go through some other books also.
NCERT Books for IAS

While Standard UPSC Books can supplement along with books (NCERT) to handle difficult questions. Many of you are in doubt that which NCERT Books need to be read for UPSC Preparation. Then here is the solution to your dilemma.

NCERT Books for UPSC Prelims and Mains Exam

Firstly, UPSC questions are framed on the bedrock of NCERT Books. So beginning and ending with NCERTs is recommended because NCERTs are short and easy to revise in a limited time. Hence, History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Fine Arts, and Science are the important subjects that u can cover from NCERTs.

 NCERT Books for IAS – History

  1. 6th – Our Pasts 1
  2. 7th – Our Pasts II
  3. 8th – Our Pasts III – Part 1
  4. 8th – Our Pasts III – Part 2
  5. 9th – India & the Contemporary World 1
  6. 10th – India & the Contemporary World II
  7. 11th – Themes in World History
  8. 12th – Themes in Indian History
  9. Twelfth  – Themes in Indian History II
  10. 12th – Themes in Indian History III

NCERT Books for UPSC – Economics

  1. 9th – Economics
  2. 10th – Understanding Economic Development
  3. 11th – Indian Economic Development
  4. 12th – Introductory Microeconomics
  5. 12th – Introductory Macroeconomics

NCERT Books for IAS Geography

  1. 6th – The Earth: Our Habitat
  2. 7th – Our Environment
  3. 8th – Resources & Development
  4. 9th – Contemporary India 1
  5. 10th – Contemporary India 1
  6. 11th – Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  7. 11th – India – Physical Environment 
  8. 12th – Fundamentals of Human Geography
  9. 12th – India – People & Economy

NCERT Books for UPSC – Political Science

  1. 9th – Democratic Politics I
  2. 10th – Democratic Politics II
  3. 11th – Indian Constitution at Work
  4. 11th – Political Theory
  5. 12th – Contemporary World Politics
  6. 12th – Politics in India Since Independence

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NCERT Books for IAS – Culture/Fine Arts

  1. 11th – An Introduction to Indian Art

NCERT Books  for UPSC- Sociology

  1. Introducing Sociology Textbook for Class – 11
  2. 12th – Social Change & Development in India
  3. Indian Society Textbook in Sociology for Class XII

NCERT Books for IAS- Science

  1. 6th –  The Living Organisms & their Surroundings
  2. 7th –  Science Textbook for Class – 7 (Selected chapters – 7,8 and 9)
  3. Science – Textbook For Class VIII (Chapters 1,5,7,12,18 )
  4. Science Textbook for Class X (Chapters – 15,16 and 17
  5. Biology Textbook for Class – 11  
  6. Biology Textbook for Class – 12  ( Chapters 13,14,15 and 16 )
  7. 9th –  Chapter 14: Natural Resources

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Download NCERT Books – PDF

Hard copies always better than soft copies for reading. That is why we provided links to buy the original books. If u are comfortable with digital reading via laptop/mobile then you can directly download NCERTs from the website ncert.nic.in. Furthermore, Aspirants can also download quality UPSC Study Materials from NIOS website and IGNOU website.

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