UPSC Civil Services 2016 Cut Off Marks Analysis

Cut off Marks UPSC 2016Every year millions of candidates appear for UPSC examinations and only few percentage of candidates get into service. In 2016, around 10 lakhs registered for IAS exams and only around 5 lakh candidates appeared for the exams.  Out of these 5 lakh aspirants only around 15000 candidates were able to clear prelims. From these 15000 candidates, approximately 1000 candidates were able to get into service. So it is essential to have an idea about the minimum cut off marks secured by each candidate during recent years (2016) for UPSC prelims, mains and final rank list. In this article, we are comparing (minimum) cut off marks secured by candidates during different stages of civil services examination.

As it is clear that, from 2015 onwards CSAT was only qualifying paper and for prelims marks scored from paper 1 are calculated for qualifying mains exams.

In 2016 cut off for general category were 116 marks while in 2015 it was 107.34 for the same category. An increase of around 9 marks is evident from this data. On the other hand OBC category the cut off scores was 110.66 and 106 in 2016 and 2015 respectively. Although this category also showed some variations, the marks remained almost same.

Furthermore, SC category secured 99.34 and 94 marks in the years 2016 and 2015 respectively. Likewise, the cut off marks for ST category was 96 in the year 2016 and it was only 91.34 in 2015.

PH category which is further subdivided into three groups on the other hand, prelims cut off was 75.34, 72.66 and 40 respectively for PH-1, PH2 and PH-3. While in 2015 , PH-1 cut off marks was 90.66 followed by 76.66 and 40 marks for PH-2 and PH -3 accordingly.

Year/category general OBC SC ST PH-1 PH-2 PH-3
2015 107.34 106.00 94 91.34 90.66 76.66 40
2016 116 110.66 99.34 96 75.34 72.66 40

UPSC Prelims 2016 – 2015 Cut Off Mark Analysis

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Analysis of Mains Cut Off Marks

Cut off marks for mains in General Category was 787 marks in 2016 where as in 2015 it was only 676. The minimum marks secured by OBC candidate was 745 in 2016 while the same category in 2015 was 630. Moreover, for SC category it was 739 and 622 marks respectively in 2016 and 2015. However, ST category the cut off score was 730 and 617 marks for 2016 and 2015 accordingly. PH-1, on the other hand the cut off marks for mains was 713 marks in 2016 while it was below 600 marks in 2015, 580 marks. 740 marks was the cut off for mains in 2016 for PH-2 category. However, it was only 627 marks for same category in 2015. Mains cut off for PH-3 in 2016 was 545, while it was 504 marks in 2015.

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Overall, the cut off scores showed an increase from 2015 to 2016.

Year/category general OBC SC ST PH-1 PH-2 PH-3
2016 787 745 739 730 713 740 545
2015 676 630 622 617 580 627 504
Cut off Marks UPSC Mains -Bar Diagram

Bar Diagram Analysis of UPSC Mains Cut Off Marks

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An analysis of Final Cut Off Marks

General category final cut off was 988 marks in 2016 and 877 marks in 2015. OBC category on the other hand, the minimum marks was 951 and 834 in 2016 and 2015 respectively. In 2016, 920 marks was the minimum  score of SC candidate while it was only 810 in 2015. 920 was the qualifying mark of ST category in 2016 but in 2015 it was just only 801 marks. For PH-1, PH-2 and PH-3 category final cut off scores in 2016 was 927,951 and 817 respectively in 2016. While for same category in 2015 it was 802,830 and 697 for PH-1, PH-2 and PH-3 accordingly.

2016 988 951 920 920 927 951 817
2015 877 834 810 801 802 830 697

Overall, a straight rise can see in cut off marks for final list during a year period.

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