Syrian conflict:- the wave of arab spring touched the almost majority nations of arab league, including Syria. This war the progenitor for the dismantling of the soc-eco-political set up of the country.

Currently there are three major faction:- assad supportor; anti-assad/free Syrian army/rebels and terrorist group ISIL/Al nusra.
Due to the lack of conformity between weatern powers and UNSCs’ permanent member, the situation getting weird with time.

Role of western powers:-

  • United States
    It favoured “assad must go” temperament, and thus supporting opposition group containing rebels, supplying them military and weaponary power to fight against it
  • .Via USAID provide monetory assistance.

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  • It believes in the peace by including Syrian government that is assad regime [china supporting fully].
  •  Moscow backs an international “contact group” to handle Syria – bringing in Iran and Saudi Arabia but excluding the UK and France. The UN also likes this idea.
  • Want to go with US, but during Camron era house of commons rejected the support for warstrike at Syrian regime. Though against ISIL but favoured “moderate” rebel groups.
    (European union)
  • It contained mix perception:- where FRANCE totally against the regime, Angela Markel of germany supported assad’s inclusion before deciding upon future of Syria.

Regional players:-


It favoured assad regime+ supporting local hizaboollah group[pro-assad], supplying full military and arm support [even during sanction era].

Saudi arabia

Confused party, policy wise with RUSSIA, but internally backed rebels.


Discreetly backed anti-Assad rebel groups operating close to the occupied Golan Heights and perhaps in the southern Druze region.

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Main point is that, every power either weatern or regional all are against ISIL

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Role of UN:-

  • Annan 6 point peace plan [ United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria]:- to allow freedom of press/freedom of movement/ceasefire of armed violation/release of arbitrary detained persons/allowed humanitarian assistence etc, but it lived for very shord period, though first assad accepted it earlier.
  • UNHRC:- after 2013 chemical weapon strike on Syria, it condemened such inherently indiscriminate, inhuman and immoral strike [also against hague convention’1899/ geneva protocl’25], bring out dubious state of syria in front of world.
  • UNICEF:- vaccination/clothing/care products to conflicted region.
    Responsibility to Protect (R2P), the global commitment adopted at the 2005 United Nations (UN) World Summit, central to respond to mass atrocity crimes [of international level], seemed failed here in Syria to due its void attempts to bring ceasefire.