Nuclear Suppliers group and India’s bid for NSG membership

What do you meant by NSG ?NSG

The nuclear suppliers group [NSG] is a group of nuclear suppliers countries that seeks to contribute to the non proliferation of nuclear weapons through the implementation of two sets of criteria  for nuclear exports and nuclear related exports. Currently NSG has 48 members, including five nuclear weapon states [NWS] US, UK, China, France and Russia, the NSG chairing nation for 2016-17 is the republic of Korea.

History and Background

The NSG founded in response to the Indian nuclear test in May 1974 and first met in 1975.The main aim of the NSG was to curb the export of nuclear equipment in terms of material and technology by the signatories of nuclear non proliferation treaty [NPT].

Why India not a member of NSG yet ?

One of main reasons behind this issue is due to the fact that India is not  yet signed Nuclear non proliferation treaty [NPT] . Besides this, strict opposition from neighbouring country, China , raising the issue relating to non membership in NPT. However, China is supporting help to Pakistan  to become a member of NSG despite the fact that Pakistan is also not a member of NPT yet.

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Why India refused to sign NPT ?

  • Classification of NPT: it categorizes world nations into two, nuclear weapon state that tested nuclear bombs before 1st January 1967[US, Russia, China, UK, France] and non nuclear weapon states.
  • An unfair treaty: it states that those who have nuclear weapons have no obligation to give  them up while others are not allowed to have them. Moreover, China   violated treaty by proliferating knowledge to Pakistan.
  • Threat to our security: it posses a potential threat to our security until these five nations completely  dismantle their nuclear arsenal.
  • Readiness of India for demilitarization if others are willing to do so.

Why NSG membership important to India ?


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  1. Access to technology: Although India has developed its own technology but to get hands on state of art technology that countries within the NSG posses ,it has to become part of the group.
  2. Increased demand of nuclear power production: India’s commitment to reduced dependence on fossil fuels and shifting to renewable and clean energy sources , pressing need for gearing up nuclear power production. It can be achieved only by gaining access to NSG.
  3. Commercialization of nuclear equipment:
    By commercializing nuclear equipment with the technical assistance,India will be able to boost the innovations and high tech marketing ,hence,leading to economic and strategic benefits.

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With its expanding international prestige and profile, India’s membership of NSG is of vital significance. India can reasonably anticipate  that China will be logic in India’s arguments and will withdraw its strident opposition in near future,there by abridging the trust deficit by two nations.


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