IASSolution UPSC Prelims Online Mock Test Series 2019

Prelims Online Mock Test Series 2019IASSolution Prelims Test Series started on 25th July 2018 as per the detailed timetable. Thank you for the crazy enrolment in our test series already. IASSolution Prelims Test Series will consist of 38 Mock tests until 26th May 2019.

IASSolution Prelims Online Mock Test Series 2019 -Freedom to take as per your Convenience

Our Team uploads the tests as per the schedule but after the test date aspirants can take the test any time if they desire to attend the mocks.

For instance, we uploaded  Indian Polity(101-PT) on 25th July 2018 then aspirants can attempt the test at any time on or after 25th July. Aspirants have the freedom to attend these test(s)  till the exam date of UPSC Prelims(2nd June 2019).

After the attempt of every individual test, you can analyze your performance.  Performance overview is an area where you can analyze your performance. Here you can find detailed analyses of your marks and all India Ranks.

Who will get access to uploaded Mock Tests and Upcoming Mock Tests

Those who enrolled for 2018 and 2019 full-length Test Series Program will get access to uploaded and upcoming mock tests. The Test series subscribers get the following advantage

  • Immediate access to all uploaded mock tests
  • No need to pay for upcoming paid mock tests
  • Test series subscribers will get Monthly Current affairs Tests without any additional cost.
  • IASSolution Test series Subscribers will get detailed book list and Timetable.
  • As an initial offer, first 50 test series subscribers will get flat 50 percent off. The full test series now cost you just Rs 5999 2999.

Why is IASSolution Prelims Online Mock Test Series 2019 Timetable important?

IASSolution Prelims Test Series Timetable 2019We prepared the detailed study timetable for UPSC Prelims 2019 with a great vision to help aspirants in their self-study. Last year, helped lots of students to crack UPSC Prelims with flying colors while many other overrated and overpriced coaching institutes failed to do the same.

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IASSolution Prelims Test Series Timetable is systematically cover full syllabus and current affairs. In recent trends, current affairs have a clear upper hand in UPSC Prelims Exam than the static part. Thus, we included current affairs mock tests at the beginning of every month.

We advise you to strictly follow IASSolution Timetable to effective preparation and keeping the consistency to the whole year.

You can download IASSolution Timetable as PDF. Plan, Prepare, and Perform (PPP).

Knowledge Zone

IASSolution Prelims Test Series is designed with Knowledge Zone which is the area you will get detailed answers and explanations for every individual question.

You don’t need to worry even if you did not complete the specific topics/books for a particular exam. Either you can learn while you take the tests or you can test your knowledge while you learn. Moreover, you can complete the same subject/topic test at the next level.

After the completion of every individual test, analyse your performance and mistakes.  Revise and study the important facts and concepts from “Knowledge Zone”. Then prepare for next scheduled mock tests as per the detailed study plan(timetable).

How to access the Exam Platform

Firstly, you need to register with exam platform. It will take only less than a minute. Then you can login with your username/ email ID and password. If you are already registered with the exam platform then you can use the same username and password as well. In case you forgot the password then you can use the lost password/reset password link to regain the same.

IASSolution Strategy to Crack Prelims 2019

If you enrol in IASSolution UPSC Prelims Online Test Series now then you will get an added advantage to start early and crack the prelims in full confidence. IASSolutions eleven-month test series cover the entire syllabus and probable questions of UPSC Prelims 2019.

Follow our prelims cum mains strategy integrated with the most advanced test series. Best wishes.

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