10 Best Books for IAS exam 2017 – 2018

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In UPSC preparation choosing  right study material will be a game changer . We cannot buy all the books for IAS exam in the market and experimenting a trial and error game. So we collected reviews about the books from toppers and providing best books for IAS  examination . By collecting these essential books you crossed the first hurdle. For a war,new and updated  standard IAS Books are very important to win the battle . Here your weapon is best books for IAS exam recommended by toppers . So go for it without any confusion  . If you have any queries then please ask in the comment section .Best Books for IAS

Best IAS Books

  • India’s struggle for independence by Bipan Chandra which is a very good book for modern part .This book little bit fatty and time consuming but it will give you broad knowledge about the topic. This book can read like a novel,explains holistically each and every happenings of freedom struggle period .
  • Indian art and culture by Nitin Singhania. -For culture part of IAS Exam, Best book to study art and culture .Its a resource material you just cannot avoid for UPSC. Illustrated with pictures, reading and studying from this book itself is a wonderful learning experience in itself.
  • Certificate of Physical and human geography by G C Leong is a must book for both prelims and mains for Physical part of Geography . It effectively covers most topics from physical world geography which are asked in the prelims!
  • Geography of India by Masjid Hussain-A very comprehensive book for UPSC and other competitive exams . A must have book if you want to understand the geography of India from root to tip . It details topics in a way that you get the complete understanding by updated info and maps .
  • Oxford School Atlas : It is indispensable atlas for understanding basics of Indian Geography as well as World Geography . Must Book for IAS Exam.
  • Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations – M. Laxmikanth-There is no question arising the base book for polity, it is none other than Laxmikant . Start reading from any of the interesting topics, for instance, if you find interesting to study The Panchayati Raj, start reading from there.

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  • Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh : it is a must read book . This  covers almost all aspects of economy . It will be useful for prelims. Read from the latest edition [7th edition]. Apart from it will be helpful for mains also.
  • Economic survey  : An analytical and descriptive account of the present economic challenges and opportunities the country is witnessing. It is highly advantageous for both prelims and mains point of view. 
  • Environment by Shankar IAS– Must read book for upsc aspirants as many questions are being asked on environment . But you has to keep in touch with environmental current affairs from THE HINDU . Now a days UPSC giving  lot of attention is to environmental issues.
  • India Year Book – This book is very helpful to understand the government schemes and plans on various fields ( contents index is provided in the images) . which can be very helpful for exams like UPSC for both prelims and mains point of view.

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CSAT Part : Paper -2

This paper is not consider to pass prelims from 2015 onwards. But need to secure a minimum of 33% of 200 marks,ie 66 marks . Although the relevance of CSAT paper has come down still it is important to clear prelims.

  1. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning– RS.Aggarwal -CSAT Paper 2: Reasoning
  2. CSAT Manual by TMH or CSAT-II – Arihant CSAT – Paper 2
  3. Analytical Reasoning – MK Pandey CSAT – Paper 2: Analytical Reasoning

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