4 Books to study Indian Economy for IAS Prelims Exam

Indian EconomyIndian Economy is very important portion for UPSC Civil Services Exam. Indian Economy included in General studies Paper 1 for IAS Prelims. Many of the aspirants are confused about the book list needed for Economics section. Many of the books in this subject do not help to get proper understanding about Indian Economy and concepts. Economics syllabus includes social development, sustainable development, poverty alleviation, demographics, open market operations etc.

Books to study Indian Economy

1. Indian Economy by Ramesh SinghIndian Economy by Ramesh Singh 

Mc- Grow hills Indian Economy is a comprehensive text with all topics explained in detail. In addition to this, it goes through all aspects of Indian economy like banking, agriculture, external trade and so on. Even though it covers all aspects in detail, language is lucid and easy to understand. This book is essential for prelims point of view. Further, it will be beneficial for mains preparation also.

  1. Economic surveyEconomic Survey 2017 - 2018 

Every year the ministry of finance, government of India publishes the economic survey that focus on country’s economic development during previous twelve months. It consists of an in depth analysis of recent economic developments. Along with all these, it the most authoritative, updated and unbiased source of information regarding Indian Economy. This book is also useful for both prelims and mains.

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  1. Indian Economy by Sanjeev VermaIndian Economy by Sanjeev Verma

This book is one of the recommended books for Civil Services exams preparation.This new edition has 4 new chapters and 6 new sections. It is a concise book, it covers almost everything that you need to know for UPSC. This is the smallest book which covers the syllabus well. Book is very effective, and well written.

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  1. Indian Economy by Datt and Sundharam Indian Economy by Datt and Sundharam

This book covers detailed analysis on almost every economic core topic, exhaustive. Compared to Ramesh Singh, which focuses mainly on contemporary issues, this one builds the basic understanding. This book is good for economy optional, undergraduate and post graduate students. Others can use as a reference material above all books.

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